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This hoodie illustrates Matthew 5:14 by representing the visibility we have in others’ lives. Our identity as the light of the world puts us in a position where others see us and the way we live as followers of Jesus. Even the smallest act of kindness brings the light of Jesus into those around us, and this verse encourages us to live with integrity and be a place where others can seek refuge in the surrounding darkness. How can we embrace the position we have in others’ lives by consistently shining the light of the Gospel?



- Base garment: Heavyweight 100% U.S. grown cotton, made in the U.S. with high ethical standards

- Patchwork: All patchwork is made from secondhand material to reduce our environmental impact.

- Stamp work: All stamps are hand-carved, and each shirt is stamped by hand with high-quality acrylic paint and fabric medium to ensure a long-lasting design.

- We create and produce all designs in-house, meaning all designs are done by hand, with the help of certain machines, giving each garment a slightly unique look.

- Because our patchwork is all secondhand material, we have limited stock, and each garment is slightly different, but we value keeping each one as similar as possible!

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