Collection: Collection 002: HARVEST

Collection 002: HARVEST connects fashion and missions through sustainable clothing that raises awareness for global missions, encourages prayer for those ushering the light into spiritual darkness, and financially supports missions in the 10/40 window—home to 3.28 billion people who have yet to know the name of Jesus.

Inspired by Luke 10:2, HARVEST features vintage pieces with patchwork made from secondhand fabric and displays hand-stamped and quilted designs to bring light to the importance of global missions.

Less than 2% of missions giving goes to the unreached, and we want to change that statistic.

50% of profits from this collection will help fund a church-planter in North Africa, and while we cannot name them online for security reasons, we will send a prayer card with every purchase with info on how you can pray for and support them as they bring light to the darkness of the Arab world.

Check out our journal to learn more about our heart for this collection.

Each piece in this collection is one-of-a-kind, so we only have one of each piece. Get yours before it's gone!

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