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ANOMALY shorts

ANOMALY shorts

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These shorts are a staple to any outfit! We kept it short and sweet by sewing a patch with our logo from the inside of the shorts, creating a unique, worn-in look. We chose a dark brown patch and cream embroidery thread to symbolize being the light amongst the darkness. Although simple, they still serve as a reminder to be the anomaly by being the light of the world!



- Base garment: Heavyweight fleece made in the U.S. with high ethical standards.

- Patchwork: all patchwork is made from secondhand material to reduce our environmental impact.

- We create and produce all designs in-house, instead of outsourcing them to a manufacturer. This means all designs are done by hand, with the help of certain machines, giving each garment a slightly unique look.

- Because our patchwork is all secondhand material, we have limited stock, and each garment is slightly different, but we value keeping each one as similar as possible!

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